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Rated at 15,500 – 17,500 lbs.

Our most heavy-duty pneumatic tire lift truck, the Platinum GO6 Series provides its users with consistently reliable performance and impressive productivity results — all while keeping the environment free from heavy exhaust emissions. At the heart of the G06 is one of the most highly durable and powerful diesel engines in its class. Equipped with a common rail fuel injection system using an intercooled turbocharger design, the G06 efficiently delivers maximum horsepower at low engine speeds. Find out more about how the G06 truly excels in heavy industrial environments under extreme conditions by contacting your local UniCarriers Americas Forklift dealer.

UniCarriers Advantages

Separate inching pedal for small, precise movement
Heel-to-toe movement between the gas and brake pedals
Seat-actuated Operator Presence System
Full hydraulic powered brake system with pressure accumulator
Triple Hydraulic System for lifting, steering and braking
Highly reliable cooling system with large, rubber-mounted heavy-duty radiator
5-piece componentized overhead guard cuts replacement time by 75%.

  • 4HK1-TC (5.2 liter) electronic fuel injected industrial diesel engine
  • Turbocharger with intercooler
  • Electronic Quick Glow System
  • EPA Tier III/CARB certified
  • Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system
  • Automatic 2-speed transmission
  • Engine temperature & warning system
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Floating power train and full suspension seat
  • Travel speed selection switch
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Easy-view meter panel with LCD display and LED indicators
  • Reliable steer axle design
  • Dual drive tires
  • Wideview carriage provides greater visibility